Friday, October 12, 2007


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Well, sorry to disappoint anyone who found this blog site, but due to finishing Bigelow (which would take me, alone, about three or four years to complete what I was planning on completing to a point where I would be satisfied) which is too long for and I felt it wasn't funny enough. So I decided to move over to a project which several friends worked on previously, known as "Quantum Fiber" which is so much more funnier than "Bigelow."

What I think Bigelow had working for it was, cleverness.

For anyone who is interested, for my Masters show I completed a 62 page booklet called the "Art of Bigelow" with over two years art work in it; with useful facts about the world that Bigelow lives in, and not-useful tidbits of information as well. I will be selling this booklet plus a copy of the animatic which I used at my show (which happens to be 11:00 minutes long).

All this for $13.00. That includes postage. Just get in touch with me via email. My email is

I am gonna start up another blog for Quantum Fiber. Stay tuned!!! You'll hear it here!